This is kinda cool.

Yup. Birds are still pretty awesome.

Love this stuff.

Hummingbird Slow Motion (by Bruce Douglas Johnson)

In Sao Paulo, graffiti is the way to humanize the concrete.

Color+City (by ColorPlusCity)

Great project and great way to make payphones interesting.

Camp4 Partner Renan Ozturk // Director of Photography Reel // Early 2013 shots used represent projects including: // Meru Shark’s Fin’ Expedition, Indian Garhwal Himalaya (co-directed with Jimmy Chin and operated all shots, directed Nuke animation by Marty Blumen ) // ‘Musandam Peninsula’ Expedition, Oman (co-directed with Jimmy Chin and operated all shots) // ‘The Tooth Traverse’ Expedition, Alaska co-directed with Freddie Wilkinson, aerial DP Paul Roderick) // ‘The Bride’ Narrative Short Film (operated shots, directed by Anson Fogel) // ‘Mission Antarctic’ Expedition, Antarctic Peninsula (operated all shots, co-directed by Guido Perrini and Xavier De Le Rue ) // ‘Towers of the Ennedi’ Expedition, Chad (co-directed with Jimmy Chin/Tim Kemple and operated all shots, created art for motion graphic transition by Eric Bucy // ‘The Denali Experiment’ Expedition, AK (directed motion graphic by Barry Thompson ) // ‘On Assignment’, Yosemite California (Renan co-directed and operated) For inquiries please contact Shannon Ethridge at Camp4 Collective, Music: Christopher Bissonette “In Accordance” Devotchka “How it Ends” Parlovr “Hell, Heaven” Please support the musicians represented by buying their music on iTunes: Huge thanks to all our clients, friends, families and fellow artists!

Happy birthday, twitter!

Celebrating #Twitter7 (by Twitter)

Em breve, o site que vai mudar a sua maneira de pedir comida.

Best tv ad i’ve seen in a looong time. Congrat to #BBDO #Canada - Social Farter (by Mark atMOH)

Episódio da série UNZ exibida em 2008 no Canal Brasil

this is just incredibly funny.

Stu Larkin is a dying breed: one of the last traveling salesmen left in America. He travels the country taking orders for bronzed baby shoes, which has been a popular American tradition for over 80 years. This short documentary follows a quirky and passionate character as he provides a rare insight into his craft, human nature and small town Americana. Check out the film’s facebook page to learn more!